If the fire alarm sounds or you are otherwise notified to evacuate the building, exit via the stairwells. Exit at Floor 1 and rendezvous with your employees. Ensure all employees and visitors are accounted for.

A floor warden is assigned to each floor of the building to support tenants and visitors during evacuations and other emergency situations. Floor wardens are trained volunteers and are identifiable by their orange vests. In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions of the floor warden.

For emergency purposes, the names of those persons who have physical limitations that would require assistance in the event of an emergency should be kept on file with the Management Office. In the event of a true emergency, those names would be given to the proper emergency personnel who would assist in their evacuation. Additions or corrections to this list should be submitted to the Management Office on a periodic basis. 

Disabled employees should evacuate to the nearest stairwell and wait for either the all clear announcement or fire department personnel to assist them with evacuation from the building.